Farm Trails Membership

Becoming a  member of Sonoma County Farm Trails will increase your sales and expand your exposure while helping to ensure the continuing economic viability of Sonoma County agriculture.

In 1973, a group of forward-thinking farmers blazed trails in Sonoma County, creating a map & guide to local agriculture, inviting the public to meet their farmers and learn more about the origins of their food. This was back in 1973, before the advent of Farmers’ Markets, CSAs and campaigns to shop locally. Over the years, some of our members have changed, but the organizing mission has remained the same: to help ensure the preservation of Sonoma County’s rich and diverse agricultural heritage.

Sonoma County Farm Trails is a 501(c)6 nonprofit organization.


Become a Member Today!

Annual Membership Dues: $200

Sonoma County Farm Trails invites Sonoma County farmers, ranchers, ag-related producers, and those in hospitality and community groups and businesses that directly support local agricultural producers to join our amazing community! Increase your exposure and broaden your network by becoming a Farm Trails member. You’ll be promoted every day of the year in both our online and print Map & Guide, and have other opportunities via our PR campaigns, events, and related efforts (see below for full details on membership benefits). Maximize your marketing dollar! The price of one 2 x 3-inch newspaper ad costs the same as all of the the benefits of Farm Trails membership. Join the Farm Trails community today! Farm Trails is a 501(c)6 nonprofit organization.

 To be eligible for membership, you must be engaged in farming, ranching, or producing agricultural products derived from local ingredients in Sonoma County. We also welcome restaurants, food trucks, and lodgings that are focused on Sonoma County agricultural products/ingredients. Upon approval of eligibility, you will be emailed information on how to pay membership dues. Once dues are paid, you will be an active member.

If you are interested in becoming a member, please email us ( and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

If you have questions about membership and eligibility, please contact us.

2023 Membership Benefits

Map & Guide

Whether or not you are open to the public regularly, enjoy a prominent business profile in our annual Map & Guide publication, which is distributed widely throughout Sonoma County and the greater Bay Area. Since 1973 the public has utilized this resource to connect directly with our esteemed local agricultural community (producers, farm to table restaurants, businesses and organizations that serve ag, etc.).

Website Presence

Make it easier for customers to find you online. Our highly trafficked and well-ranked custom website features beautiful imagery, modern graphic design, and multiple entry points for consumers to search for the products, services & experiences they want. We continually update the site with new seasonal content, and members have access to their own dedicated profile page and the events calendar to further expand visibility and reach.

High-Impact Public Newsletters

Enjoy increased exposure and sales with our thematic, monthly email newsletters to 8,000+ engaged subscribers. Compelling and well-curated promotions of member offerings, these newsletters encourage and inspire the public to support local ag.

Social Media Promotions

Take advantage of our engaged social media audience to amplify your public relations. Through our Facebook and Instagram accounts, we help you share your story, sales, and special offerings with Sonoma County and the Greater Bay Area.

Seasonal Events & Marketing Campaigns

Participate in our well-attended signature tours (Spring: Blossoms, Bees & Barnyard Babies and Fall: Weekend Along the Farm Trails) for banner weekend sales and to experience the joy of directly connecting with the public on site. Members who don't host visitors also have opportunities to increase traffic and sales through our seasonal campaigns and special web promotions, including the Apple Trail and Holidays Along the Farm Trails.

Informative Newsletters for Members

Receive regular updates on the latest relevant ag & business information to help your operation succeed. We share Farm Trails promotional opportunities and also resources from our broader ag network (funding & grants, educational webinars, ag workshops & conferences, State and County guidance, etc.). We do our best to keep up to date on the myriad changes, developments, and opportunities happening in our region so you don't have to!

Advocacy & Stakeholder Presence

We advocate on your behalf throughout the year, participating in stakeholder meetings and also engaging on County and State levels to support policies that are beneficial to our members and local ag in general. Farm Trails is affiliated with many organizations and entities in service to local agriculture and agritourism, collaboratively working to strengthen the resilience of our food system and to increase the viability of ag in Sonoma County.

Workshops & Networking

Get tools from experts on how to enhance your skills by attending Farm Trails' 2023 member workshops: How to Best Photograph your Farm & Products for Social Media; Improve & Measure the Success of your Marketing Efforts; and Maximize your Presence on the Farm Trails Website. You can also learn about best practices from keynote speakers & other members and enjoy connecting with community at our convivial Annual Meeting.

Gravenstein Apple Fair

Promote your business to the ~15,000 guests that come from far & wide to enjoy our popular fair. Opportunities include: serving bites in the Artisan Tasting Alley; presenting at the Life on the Farm Exhibit; providing libations for the cider, beer, or wine tents; and utilizing the member discount for vendor booths. Participants benefit from excellent publicity and direct exposure to target customers.

Member Signs

Reap the benefits of Farm Trails' long history (50 years!) of good will in Sonoma County by displaying our iconic sign. The durable 2' x 2' metal sign is only $75. The 10" x 10” coroplast sign is $20.