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Cultivate community! Join in Sonoma County Farm Trails' efforts to ensure the continuing economic viability of Sonoma County agriculture by instilling an appreciation of ag as a vital part of our community/lifestyle.

Over 40 years ago, a group of forward-thinking farmers blazed trails in Sonoma County, creating a map & guide to local agriculture, inviting the public to meet their farmers and learn more about the origins of their food. This was back in 1973, before the advent of Farmers’ Markets, CSAs and campaigns to shop locally. Over the years, some of our members have changed, but the organizing mission has remained the same: to help ensure the preservation of Sonoma County’s rich and diverse agricultural heritage.

Sonoma County Farm Trails is a 501(c)6 nonprofit organization.

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Annual Membership Dues: $175

Sonoma County Farm Trails invites Sonoma County farmers, ranchers, ag-related producers, and those in hospitality and community groups and businesses that directly support local agricultural producers to join our amazing community! Increase your exposure and broaden your network by becoming a Farm Trails member. You’ll be promoted every day of the year in both our online and print Map & Guide, and have other opportunities via our PR campaigns, events, and related efforts (see below for full details on membership benefits). Maximize your marketing dollar! The price of one 2 x 3-inch newspaper ad costs the same as all of the the benefits of Farm Trails membership. Join the Farm Trails community today! Farm Trails is a 501(c)6 nonprofit organization.

 To be eligible for membership, you must be engaged in farming, ranching, or producing agricultural products derived from local ingredients in Sonoma County. We also welcome restaurants, food trucks, and lodgings that are focused on Sonoma County agricultural products/ingredients. Upon approval of eligibility, you will be emailed information on how to pay membership dues. Once dues are paid, you will be an active member.

If you are interested in becoming a member, please email us ( and we will get back to you as soon as possible!

If you have questions about membership and eligibility, please contact us.

Farm Trails Membership Benefits


  • Website: Enjoy year-round marketing and promotion via our brand-new website. is currently undergoing a top-to-bottom redesign for optimal mobile functionality, enhanced user experience, and maximum visual impact while retaining its excellent SEO functionality. will feature an extensive product index, dynamic map, thematic highlight pages, multilevel search engine, events calendar, and dedicated pages for your business, which you can update at any time.
  • Annual Map & Guide: Every member will be profiled in our annual four-color, beautifully designed print publication. The 40,000 copies will be widely distributed at visitors centers, tourism offices, chambers of commerce, local businesses, and member locations.
  • Publicity: We actively promotes Farm Trails, our events, and our members to newspapers, radio groups, television stations, journals, and online publications throughout the year, resulting in extensive local, regional, and national coverage.
  • Social Media & Advertising: Reap the benefits of our collective social media promotions and advertising to tens of thousands of potential new customers via our Facebook and Instagram accounts, with local and regional publications and organizations, and in our monthly public newsletters.
  • Signage: For 47 years and counting, the iconic Farm Trails logo has been synonymous with quality, integrity, and community. We’ll gladly provide you with Farm Trails Member stickers and small Farm Trails signs, which we hope you’ll display at your business, farm stand, or market booth. Our 2-foot-square signs are available for the duration of your membership for a one-time fee of $75.


  • Gravenstein Apple Fair: Enjoy discounted rates to participate in our annual fundraiser as a Farm Vendor or Food Vendor and/or be part of our Life on the Farm Arena, Ag Games, Do-It-Yourself Arena, Artisan Tasting Lounge, or Cider, Wine, or Beer Tents, as an educator or vendor. Your business will also receive two complimentary tickets ($30 value).
  • Seasonal Tours & Campaigns: If you’d like to interface with the public on site, you can participate in Farm Trails’ signature seasonal tours and campaigns (spring, fall, and holidays). We handle all aspects and expenses of marketing and promotion. Plus, as a member, you can operate under our special events umbrella permit.
  • Newsletters: We’ll send you internal (members-only) newsletters each month to keep you informed of relevant events and opportunities.
  • Farmer-to-Farmer: Mix, mingle, and share ideas and information with other farmers and producers at annual member events.
  • Winter Workshop: During your slow season, attend a Farm Trails workshop geared to help you refine your business management and marketing skills.
  • Stakeholder Presence: There’s strength in numbers and power in presence. Farm Trails is affiliated with many other organizations in support of local agriculture. We attend and table at numerous events throughout the year. And as a long-standing, well-respected, shade-tree entity in Sonoma County, we are invited to participate in stakeholder conversations with legislators about agriculture and tourism, where we advocate on your behalf, throughout the year.