Spring Tour

Sat. & Sun., April 30 & May 1, 2022, 10 am to 5pm

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Bees N Blooms

Saturday 10:00 AM – 3:00 PM
Sunday 10:00 AM – 3:00 PM

Join us for tours, visit the baby geese, walk the Lavender Labyrinth, explore the Willow Dome and the Butterfly Habitat, plant your own six-pack of flowers from seed, select some certified organic pollinator-friendly plants from our nursery, and enjoy shopping for lavender products, honey, and fresh cut flowers at the farm stand.
Bees N Blooms

3883 Petaluma Hill Road
Santa Rosa, CA 95404
(707) 293-8293

Getting Here

Special Instructions

Please pull in the gate and follow the signs for parking. No dogs please.


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Self-Guided Tours

We provide all visitors with a map of the farm with points of interest highlighted, so you can explore!

Guided Tours

We'll be doing guided tours at 11 AM and 1 PM on both Saturday and Sunday. Limit 15 people. Kids welcome. Sign up at the Farm Stand. 11 AM tour: The Buzz About Bees: The Inner Workings of a Honey Bee Colony The honey bee is a fascinating animal! The colony works like a super-organism to gather and manage food stores, tuning their reproduction to the seasons to maximize their chances of surviving. Communication is one of the keys to their success, making them one of the most sophisticated insects on the planet. On this tour, we’ll talk about the different jobs honey bees have over their lifetime and learn about swarms–how the colony reproduces in the spring. We’ll also discuss the hazards bees encounter in the increasingly built environment that humans have created. These hazards include pesticides, pests such as the Varroa mite, diseases, and lack of sufficient diverse and healthy forage. We’ll also talk about common native bees in Northern California. 1:00 PM Creating Habitat for Pollinators Pollinators of all types benefit from the work of home gardeners. On this tour, you’ll learn about which flowers are most attractive to honey bees, different kinds of native bees (bumblebees, carpenter bees, longhorn bees, mason bees, and more), and butterflies and why trees should be a part of your planting plan. You’ll also learn how to incorporate principles of regenerative organic agriculture into your garden plan and ensure season-long bloom for pollinators.


Plant Your Own Flowers Come and pick out the flowers you'd like to grow and plant a six-pack to take home! We'll provide seeds, soil, and a six-pack container. Get your hands dirty and experience the awe of watching plants grow and thrive! Great for kids (and adults!).

Farm Animals

It's gosling season here at Bees N Blooms! We have four sets of geese with babies. The youngest goslings will be about 2 weeks old on Farm Trails weekend. We also have 13 ducks that are fun to watch as they splash in their pond. And we'll have some greens for you to feed to the 22 chickens. Come and enjoy the poultry show!


Products for Sale

Lavender oil and hydrosol, lavender-infused bath and body care products, lavender gift sets, fresh cut flowers, honey, and lavender-themed gifts.

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