Food Menu & Gravensteins

Come hungry to our Benefit Concert because we have a fabulous menu awaiting you!

We take pride in working directly with Sonoma County Farm Trails members to provide the meals for our Benefit Concert. These food vendors are committed to sourcing from local farms and ranches, many of which grow their produce using organic or regenerative ag practices, and raise their animals humanely on pasture. We hope you enjoy this thoughtfully prepared, delicious menu—with plenty of meat, seafood, and plant-based options!

And of course we will have Gravenstein apples for sale plus Gravenstein apple pies and apple fritters, and more yummy Gravenstein treats!

Thanks to WorldCentric for supplying compostable serviceware.

Black Piglet

Black Pig BLT

house-made bacon from pastured pigs, Nightingale bread, local tomatoes

Gourmet Mushroom Grilled Cheese

Gourmet Mushrooms, Nightingale bread, Bellwether Carmody & Fontina cheese

Kimchi Fries

house-made kimchi, sriracha aioli, pasture-raised pork belly

Deep Fried Gravenstein Apple Hand Pie

local Gravensteins, cinnamon sugar, house-made pastry with Clover butter

Meyer Lemonade

house-made with estate Meyer lemons

Fork Roadhouse & Catering

Trumpet Mushroom or Rockfish Tacos

with slaw, cilantro lime cream, salsa roja, microgreens, and greens

Marinated Kale Salad

with Chioggia beets, pepitas, fennel, sweet tomatoes, carrots

Elote Bowls

with organic corn, cilantro lime crema, queso fresco, local chiles, and herbs from our own Fork garden, crushed pepita chimichurri and Tajin, crispy homemade tortilla chips

Organic Iced Tea and Local Strawberry Mint Lemonade

with local berries and lemons


Inglewood Burger

organic beef, St. Jorge Fonduta, local lettuces, Thousand Island dressing, spicy pickle relish

House Salad with Pepitas

Grilled Summer Squash with California Mole Sauce

Watermelon Agua Fresca

Gravenstein Pies by Mom's Apple Pie

It wouldn't be Gravenstein season in Sonoma County without one of Mom's delicious, fresh-baked pies with her own organic Gravenstein apples! You'll be able to buy whole pies at our Benefit Concert.

Organic Gravenstein Apple Fritters

apple fritters

Yum! Farm Trails is now making our very own organic Gravenstein apple fritters! Thanks to Chef Daniel Kedan for the recipe. You'll be able to buy fresh-made fritters at our Benefit Concert.

Dutton Ranch Organic Gravensteins

gravenstein apples

By the bag or box, you can load up on organic Gravenstein apples at our Benefit Concert! Grown and hand-picked by Sebastopol's Dutton Ranch, these Gravs will be at their peak flavor.

North Coast Organic Local Gravenstein Apple Sauce & Juice

Farm Trails member Manzana Products is the last apple cannery in Sonoma County! They will be at the Benefit Concert offering fresh-made, locally grown, organic Gravenstein Apple Sauce and Gravenstein Apple Juice under their North Coast Organic label. Be sure to stock up because these are in high demand and sell out fast!