Eco Printing with Natural Dyes

Join us at the Farm Store at Dry Creek, on Sunday, October 22nd, for an exclusive experience that intertwines art and nature. Guests of this workshop will discover the captivating world of eco-printing with seasoned artisans Rose Killian and Heather Law, as they guide you through this natural and sustainable dyeing technique. Harvested botanicals, such as leaves, petals, and natural pigments will be used to craft exquisite patterns that embody the essence of the farm and the surrounding Dry Creek Valley. Explore the process of capturing nature’s fleeting beauty onto silk and wool fabrics resulting in patterns reminiscent of watercolor…

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Pumpkin Carving with Master Carver Marlene Hild

We are incredibly excited to welcome Marlene back to the farm this fall! Marlene Hild is many things: farmer, educator, artist, thruhiker, and traveler. Through her farming background, she became friends with Katina, Head Farmer at Single Thread, but also found Katina to be a great patron of the arts. As a lifelong pumpkin carving enthusiast, Marlene tricked (or-treated) Katina into letting her carve pumpkins for Single Thread for several years and now they are delighted to teach some of the secrets of creating a show-stopping jack o’lantern just in time for Halloween! This workshop is not intended for small…

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The Forest Floor

Join this goauche techniques workshop at the Laguna de Santa Rosa Foundation The subject of fairy tales and scientific studies alike, the forest floor beckons with the juxtaposition of growth and decay, light and dark, the unknown and the familiar. Local botanical artist Lucy Martin will provide instruction for composing a painting of interesting things we find with closer examination of the ground in the woods. Lucy paints mainly in gouache (similar to watercolor but more opaque), with the addition of watercolor and occasionally colored pencil. She will present techniques such as layering from dark to light, dry brush for…

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