Basket Weaving Class

Join this Basket Weaving Class with Pam Zimmerman at Casari Ranch! Pam Zimmerman is an amazing artist and longtime friend. We are so excited to host her for an afternoon of pine needle basket weaving. Enjoy an afternoon with us to learn and craft together at our sacred space.  “In this class you’ll learn the basics of pine needle basketry.  We’ll use 10-12 inch pine needles, mostly from Ponderosas, and raffia.  I gather the pine needles from the ground after a storm when they’re knocked to the ground.  I leave the needles on the trees until they’re ready to drop…

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Lavender, photo by Molly Kate Photography

Essential Oils Distillation Workshop

A day of learning on the ranch from Alice Encinas Duvernell, MA, a French Ethno-Botanist and the founder of Biophilia Botanicals! What you will learn/receive: How to perform hydro-distillation in a traditional copper still AND everyday kitchen appliances Informational handout 100 ml custom blended aroma blend 2-ounce bottle of freshly distilled hydrosol distilled onsite at the farm Mid-day meal and refreshments In this full-day demonstration/workshop, you will discover the unique experience of steam and hydro distillation in a traditional copper still, as well as a method in an affordable home cooking device. Alice will share her passion and knowledge about…

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Holiday Wreath Making Workshop

We will provide all the materials needed to design & build a wreath using a wire frame, floral wire, foliage (including fir, eucalyptus, bay, & toyon) & holiday decorations. Instruction will be given for beginners. Tea, snack & a treat will be provided! Event is fully outdoors, with open greenhouses in case of rainy weather.

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Join LALA’S JAMS and several other artisan food and craft makers celebrating St. Valentine’s Day at GRAND CENTRAL PETALUMA COFFEE 147 WELLER PETALUMA Live music, snacks…..gorgeous views of the Petaluma River and lounge chairs to watch the river roll by

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Pumpkin Carving with Master Carver Marlene Hild

We are incredibly excited to welcome Marlene back to the farm this fall! Marlene Hild is many things: farmer, educator, artist, thruhiker, and traveler. Through her farming background, she became friends with Katina, Head Farmer at Single Thread, but also found Katina to be a great patron of the arts. As a lifelong pumpkin carving enthusiast, Marlene tricked (or-treated) Katina into letting her carve pumpkins for Single Thread for several years and now they are delighted to teach some of the secrets of creating a show-stopping jack o’lantern just in time for Halloween! This workshop is not intended for small…

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