Susan Kegley, Bees N Blooms

Susan Kegley at Bees N Blooms

Known largely for the photogenic lavender labyrinth overlooking the Santa Rosa Plain, Bees N Blooms is on a mission that goes far beyond this one focal point. An 11-acre certified organic farm, Bees N Blooms was founded in 2016 by Susan Kegley and her husband, Geoff, with an objective to transform a former dairy farm into a refuge for beneficial pollinators—and ultimately a sanctuary for humans as well. Susan’s background as a PhD chemist and founder of the Pesticide Research Institute has inspired and informed the creation of the farm. She, Geoff, and staff are demonstrating healthier, organic agricultural practices that sustain animals, plants, and people alike. In this Member Spotlight, we chat with Susan to learn more about the vision behind this pollinator paradise.

Farm Trails member since 2017

Bees N Blooms, 3883 Petaluma Hill Road, Santa Rosa,

How did you get interested in farming?

We wanted to make a difference for the pollinators, who are struggling now. Growing certified organic flowers on the property and also selling certified organic pollinator plants to others is our way to make a contribution. In the process, it became evident humans need flowers too, and we delight in opening the property to the public to share the beauty.

What do you grow?

The lavender labyrinth is the focal point of our farm, but we also have about an acre of Grosso lavender that we harvest for use as buds, bundles, and essential oil and hydrosol. We also are a certified organic nursery and grow pollinator-attractive ornamentals for sale.

What do you find most rewarding about your work?

Sharing Nature’s beauty with our community.

What do you value about being a member of Farm Trails?

Wonderful assistance with marketing of our open-farm days and other events and the promotion of agriculture in general.

What are your hopes for the future of your business and/or Sonoma County ag?

We hope to continue sharing the beauty with our community and expanding our organic nursery business. For Sonoma County ag, we’d like the County government’s support to keep our ag lands in agriculture.

What advice would you share with a new farmer? 

Don’t forget to do your projections to see if an activity/crop/etc. is worth doing BEFORE launching it.

Photos by Lisa Rose