Explore Sonoma County’s
Agriculture, Artisanal Producers
and Family Farms

Sonoma County encompasses a wide variety of landscapes: from oak-studded hills to flood plains, from redwood groves to windswept beaches. Sonoma County Farm Trails members can be found in all of these places, offering agricultural products with their own sense of terroir: flavors and textures unique to their soil and micro-climates.

We invite you to pick a region or select a product, chart your course and spend a weekend exploring local farms and ranches, and meeting artisan and vintners as you discover Sonoma County’s agricultural bounty.

Along The Farm Trails

Garlock Tree Farm

As an alternative to the madness of “Black Friday” and the barrage of overly packaged, highly processed, heavily branded & exceedingly far-traveled consumer goods, why not shop along the Farm Trails this year? Nothing beats gifts that are hand-made, home-grown, artfully packaged and carefully produced. Support your local farmers, artisanal producers and small businesses by shopping locally this holiday season. Here are some of our top picks for thoughtful gifts.


Pics from the Farm To Fork Fall Feast 2014